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Why does my vehicle feel bouncy?

Color shot of a motorcycle shock absorber.

A rough and bouncy car ride is not only uncomfortable, but it can wear out your vehicle’s important components prematurely. An unstable car also poses risks for you, your passengers, and others on the road. Unfortunately, diagnosing this problem can be difficult as it can be your suspension system, tires, steering system, or a combination of the three. We recommend taking your car to an auto repair shop for a proper diagnosis. 

Below are some of the common explanations for an overly bouncy car:

Worn Suspension

A car’s suspension helps absorb the shock from uneven road surfaces and provides smooth and stable rides. While tires are the only parts that make contact with the road, the suspension acts as a supporting structure. When your suspension components get worn out or damaged, you’ll have no problem noticing. The car may rattle, and your vehicle may fly over bumps or potholes. If you’re experiencing these signs, you should get the shock, struts, ball joints, and springs checked.

Misaligned Wheels

Misaligned tires are a common reason behind rough car rides. When your wheels aren’t angled correctly, they won’t distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly. Your car may rock side to side as a result.

Steering Connection Problems

If the tires are the first point of contact with the street and the suspension is the assisting base, then the steering system is what controls both of them. If the vehicle unstably moves whenever you turn the steering wheel, this is a symptom of a failing steering system. In most cases, stiff or loose bushings are the culprit. 

You can avoid overly bumpy rides by having your suspension, tires, and steering system inspected and maintained by the technicians at John’s Auto Care. If you need to correct your vehicle handling, give our auto repair shop a call today!