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Why are my power windows moving slowly?

Gone are the days when you need to crank your window up and down using the level next to your seat. Hey, if you still drive a vehicle with manual windows, more power to you. However, most car drivers today are accustomed with power windows which makes manual windows looks archaic. While driving, you go to put down your window for some fresh air and notice that the window takes forever just to go down a couple inches. Is something wrong?

A slow moving power window is usually an indication of something not working right. The power window system itself works pretty simply – there is a motor that powers the window, which is regulated through a fuse. When you press down or pull up on your power window switch, you cause the motor to run and move your window up or down. 

The common reasons for a slow power window include: 

  • The window motor isn’t working properly, usually due to wear. 
  • The window regulator is failing
  • An issue with wiring or the fuse
  • A broken window track guide, which keeps the window in place

While we know it can be an annoyance to deal with power window problems, luckily one of our experts can get ot the bottom of the issue quickly. When you need power window repair in Meridian ID, bring your vehicle into John’s Auto Care today!