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When is it time to get a transmission service near me meridian id

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Even if you’re the most careful driver, you’re bound to run into some transmission trouble along the way. Whatever the cause, you must address the transmission issues right away. You can count on John’s Auto Care if you’re looking for a reliable transmission service near me Meridian ID. Our automotive technicians specialize in transmission diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance for all models of cars and trucks.

Your car is in good hands with our skilled technicians and transmission repair pros in Meridian, Idaho.John’s Auto Care will perform diagnostics and thorough inspection to identify the problems affecting your transmission. We’ll discuss the options with you and the best way to fix your car.

Signs You Need a Transmission Service Near Me Meridian ID

Check Engine Light

Never ignore the check engine light once it comes up. It means something’s wrong with your vehicle. A check engine light may require a simple fix. But in some instances, it could be a sign of a bigger car problem. You need to get a Transmission service near me Meridian ID. Our transmission experts will run diagnostics to check for errors.

Leaking Fluid

A puddle oftransmission fluid forming under your car is a sure sign that you have a transmission problem. Your car leaks a bright red fluid on the ground and your car’s transmission fluid is low. Fluid leaks must be addressed immediately by a car care specialist in Meridian Idaho.

Unusual Sounds

Is your car making weird noises? It may indicate that it needs a check-up, repair, maintenance, or perhaps a transmission service. Whether you hear a buzzing, clinking, clucking, whining, or humming sound, you must bring your vehicle to an auto transmission service specialist in Meridian ID right away.

Car Surges or Stalls

Your car should move right away once you put it into gear. You may have a serious transmission problem if your vehicle surges when you forward abruptly or if it stalls when you shift. Avoid costly repairs and car accidents by having it checked by an auto expert in Meridian ID.

Trouble Shifting Between Gears

Find a transmission service near me Meridian ID right away if you notice that you are in a constant battle with your vehicle when you shift between gears. Does your car struggle to catch up between gear changes or get up to speed? If your answer is yes, it’s time to get transmission services before the problem worsens and becomes more complicated and expensive to repair.

What Happens During a Transmission Service Near Me Meridian Idaho?

Your car doesn’t only need a regular oil change, it also requires transmission service as part of its routine car maintenance. It involves transmission fluid replacement,sump pump examination, pan inspection and cleaning, filter cleaning or replacement, and newpan gasket installation. When you should get a transmission service near me Meridian ID will depend on the intervals recommended by your car manufacturer.

What If You Fail to Get a Transmission Service?

Particles such as dust, dirt, and even metal shavings may contaminate your transmission fluid over time. If you’re unable to get transmission services at regular intervals, you’ll encounter various transmission problems.

Stop Ruining Your Transmission

Aside from getting regular transmission services, repairs, and maintenance, always avoid the common mistakes that can ruin your transmission.

  • Avoid shifting into drive or reverse if your car is not at full stop.
  • Do not haul a heavy load that exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits. Towing can strain your transmission, which could lead to overheating.
  • Make sure that your transmission fluid is always at the optimal level. A low fluid level may be a sign of a leak that is why you must have it checked by an auto mechanic in Meridian Idaho.
  • Do not forget to use the correct transmission fluid. Your transmission may not get the appropriate cooling properties or lubrication it needs if you use the wrong type of fluid. Check your car owner’s manual or consult a car care and transmissions specialist.  

Do not leave your car’s transmission unattended. Keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule to make sure that your car is always in good condition and safe to drive. Call John’s Auto Care now at (208) 739-4305 for inquiries or book an appointment with us online.