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What is factory recommended maintenance?

What is factory recommended maintenance?

While most vehicle drivers are familiar with the common vehicle maintenance items such as oil changes and brake repair, not everyone is as familiar with what factory recommended services are and if they are important to follow. 

When your vehicle is manufactured, the vehicle maker will create a maintenance list for you to follow. This maintenance list is based on the estimated lifespan of certain components, such as brake pads or transmission fluid. Based on how long these parts usually last on average, the manufacturer will recommend at what mileage or time interval to get certain parts inspected or replaced. 

Is it important to follow your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance exactly? Well, the answer is that while it isn’t necessarily required, it is still beneficial to the integrity of your vehicle. One thing to keep in mind if you have a new vehicle is the warranty. Often times, a warranty issued by your vehicle’s manufacturer can be voided if you don’t follow factory service recommendations, so you may want to follow it if you have a warranty. 

Many car owners may think that their vehicle’s factory recommendations are too excessive, but the truth is a lot of the services are actually just inspections. These inspections are put into place to check on your vehicle and certain components to see their condition, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need a specific service or repair. 

Where can you find your specific vehicle manufacturer recommendations? Well, one source would be your car’s owner’s manual. This will outline service intervals to follow for your make and model. You can also do a search online for this information, or bring your vehicle into John’s Auto Care and we can help pull up your vehicle’s schedule. We can also help you keep track of what your vehicle needs and remind you of when upcoming services are due. 

Factory recommended maintenance is also good to follow because it helps ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road, runs at its best condition, and retains the highest resale value. We highly recommended following your car’s service schedule, and we can take care of all of your car’s needs right here at our shop!