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What is an oxygen sensor replacement?

car oxygen sensor

Regular checks on engine performances for any vehicle is critical to avoid inconveniences driving errands and responsibilities. Modern vehicle engine control systems are fitted with essential sensors that regulate engine performance, vehicle emissions, and other essential performances in a vehicle.

Importance of Oxygen Sensors

The oxygen sensor is among the most important sensors that monitor unburned oxygen present in the exhaust as the exhaust leaves the engine. The sensors have been present since the 1960s, but they were standardized in the 1990s. They are also referred to as lambda sensors. Information from oxygen sensors helps in calibrating fuel injection and emission. It ensures that precise amounts of fuel and air are burned in the vehicle’s combustion chamber and ensures that the vehicle burns fuel optimally.

O2 sensors are thus an integral part of how a car operates. Any failure of the sensor should be repaired soonest possible to prevent damage to the engine and the car in general. When this happens, an oxygen sensor replacement is essential to ensure your vehicle performs to its maximum. So what indicates that your oxygen sensor requires replacement?

Signs of a Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Check engine light turns on. When a check engine light pops up on your dashboard, it might indicate a faulty oxygen sensor. The engine light might pop up from different issues, but a faulty oxygen sensor might trigger the engine light is one of the reasons. Ensure to visit your mechanic for full vehicle diagnosis.

Poor engine performance is another indication of a bad engine sensor. Reduced pickups and difficulties in acceleration are all indicative of a damaged oxygen sensor, which affects the functionality of the engine

Bad fuel economy is among the most noticeable signs that your oxygen sensor needs replacing. A failed sensor may cause a rich fuel sensor, which causes too much gasoline to be pumped into the chamber. Apart from ruining the engine, it impacts a lot on your fuel costs.

Taking the vehicle to a mechanic is good to confirm the doubts and handle the case effectively. Failure to replace the oxygen sensor leads to many complications with the vehicle. Driving a car with a spoilt oxygen sensor causes poor gas mileage and damages the catalytic converter.

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