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Engine misfire

For those who may not be too familiar with the inner workings of cars to understand what an engine misfire is, it is best to describe how an engine works first.

The Workings of an Engine

An easy way of doing this is by remembering the phrase “Suck, squeeze, bang, blow.”, a classic expression to help simplify the process that powers an engine. Simply put, fuel is injected into the cylinder by the fuel injector, where the combustible combines with O2. This mixture then gets compressed inside the cylinders, a spark occurs and blows out of the exhaust as burnt gas. In this process, a force is created, moving the pistons downwards into the cylinders and generating power that makes your car drivable.

How Misfires Happen & What Causes Them

An engine misfire is what happens when one or more of these elements (fuel, oxygen, and the spark) fails to work in proper order. When this takes place, the cylinders will not fire, giving you the term engine misfire.

It is hard to determine what may be precisely the cause of a misfire. Some explanations for why a misfire takes place are more prominent than others. Some of the most obvious symptoms you can look out for are rough idling, poor acceleration, and engine noises.

Rough idling is usually from having a fuel system misfire. If your car seems to struggle at a stop more than it does moving, then it may be a sign your engine is misfiring.

Poor acceleration, a symptom that arises when the mix of fuel and O2 is not at the correct levels, usually results from a faulty O2 sensor.

And lastly are engine noises, the easiest symptom to look (or listen) out for as most know what their car usually sounds like when it’s running correctly. Noises like loud pops, chugging, and backfires that sound as if a gun went off is the kind that may point to an engine misfiring.

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