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What is a repair warranty?

We understand that warranties can be confusing – you’ve probably heard that term before many times, but not necessarily just in regards to auto repair. Many things you have purchased have probably offered a warranty, such as an appliance or household item. Warranties in auto repair are very common, especially when it comes to major repairs and parts. You may be wondering however, what does it all mean and how do I qualify? 

There can be many different types of warranties on repairs. If the warranty is in-house at the auto repair shop, that means that more than likely any qualifying repair will come with a warranty of some kind. Smaller repairs typically will have a shorter warranty and repairs such as transmission or engine will be longer. These warranties typically cover both parts and labor and you will have to visit the same shop to receive the warranty. 

There are also warranties that are associated with certain parts used in a repair. For instance, NAPA AutoCare parts offer warranties through certain shops if their parts are used in your vehicle’s repair. These warranties typically cover just the part used and can be used at any auto repair shop in the nation that honors NAPA warranties. This is just an example, but many different car part companies will offer some type of warranty on their parts. 

You may also have a warranty through your car dealership. This is usually an additional paid service, but can cover certain repairs throughout your vehicle’s lifetime or other time span as indicated by the dealership. These warranties typically cover any repair that is outlined at any auto repair shop facility, as long as it is done correctly and original manufacturer parts are used. 

So now you’re probably wondering, how do I qualify? If you have a question about warranties when you have your vehicle repaired, don’t be afraid to ask the shop about it and always bring any warranty paperwork you may have. Warranties are great, especially because repairs covered are usually free and you’ll be covered for an extened period of time just in case the same part breaks again in an unreasonable amount of time.