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What are the signs of a failing alternator?

What are the signs of a failing alternator?

Your car needs an alternator to continue generating and supply power to the battery when the engine runs. If it starts to fail, your vehicle’s electrical accessories and, ultimately, the car won’t run. Fortunately, John’s Auto Care has the knowledge and skills to spot and repair your alternator troubles. Below are some of the most common signs that your alternator needs repairs:

Unusual Electrical Smells

The alternator generates power, which means it is susceptible to overheating in some cases. That can create unpleasant electrical smells that you can probably catch from inside your car.

Odd Sounds From Under the Hood

Your car’s alternator has belts, bearings, pulleys, and other moving parts that sit close to it. If any of those parts are having problems, you may hear strange noises like whining or squealing. You should have your alternator inspected by a professional to determine if it has been affected.

Car Accessories Malfunction

Any accessories that you rely on your car’s electrical system need the alternator to work to stay on. When the alternator fails, it can’t supply power to all the accessories that need it. These items can include interior lighting, power seats, power windows, radio, and more.

Dead Battery

Your vehicle’s battery needs sufficient charge to start your car, and the power it gets is from the alternator. If the alternator has problems, little to no charge will be present in your battery to keep it running. 

Dashboard Warning Light On

Before your electrical system dies, you might notice a dashboard warning light. Typically the light will resemble a battery, but it can be either your battery or alternator (or both). 

If you think you’ve got issues with your car’s alternator, please bring your vehicle to John’s Auto Care to be sure. Our team can test your entire electrical system, including both the battery and alternator, to give you all the details on what’s going wrong. You can reach us at (208) 739-4305 or visit our auto repair shop in Meridian, ID.