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The top entertainment destination in Meridian lies right on 1050 S Silverstone Way, Meridian ID 83642 – Topgolf. This is an ideal site for a group of friends and families to meet for some adventurous day out with a blend of golf recreation and fun social entertainment. Any person who has made up their mind on playing golf whether new or experienced ought to have a great time at Topgolf. More about Meridian.

Topgolf has numerous facilities and other services that aim at creating lasting memories for every individual who visits this place. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when you step inside this one-of-a-kind venue:

Climate-Controlled Hitting Bays: The climate-controlled hitting bays are one attribute that makes Topgolf Meridian remarkable. Such a scenario means that you can engage in the Topgolf activity throughout the year regardless of the prevailing conditions outside. Rain or shine, you can tee off and practice your swing in comfort. There are TV’s in each bay so that you cannot miss to watch your favorite sport while you play.

High-Tech Target Practice: Topgolf suits all kinds of golfers, from experts to those just starting out. You can go after the giant outfield targets either by using complementary clubs offered by Topgolf or bringing in your club of choice. With modernized technology, your scores are recorded and calculated automatically. The right mix of technology with golf will spice up the entire visit with some competition.

Two Spacious Floors: With its two story structure, Topgolf Meridian caters enough space for more fun. With its immense scale, this design provides a conducive atmosphere for holding of parties, assemblies, and other functions.

Toptracer Games: Toptracer technology will be available if you want to advance in golf skill. This has a user friendly interface which creates fun for every golfer to assess and improve his/her performance. This product allows you to view the trajectory of your golf ball, compare your shots with the friends and play other games while having a lot of fun.

Entertainment Galore: Topgolf Meridian exceeds all expectations on entertaining the guests. As is the case of any other great venue, there is a notable 22-foot video wall and more than 100 standard-definition TVs, which are placed in various positions around the place. All the major sporting events will be available on the internet at both the hitting bay and the sports bar and restaurant for viewers.

Free Wi-Fi: This is very important today when everyone has connection needs. At TopGolf Meridian, guests have access to the free Wi-Fi so that they can upload photos of their experience on social media, keep working, or just surf the internet while having fun.

Private Event Spaces: For someone organizing special occasions, Topgolf Meridian has unique event spaces that can cater to different requirements. Birthdays, corporate functions and other such occasions can be made unforgettable in these environments.

Bar & Restaurant: The Topgolf restaurant offers a wide variety of food and drinks. You’d be able to get a heavy burger, a crisp green salad, or even a cold beer that might match what you may feel like eating at any time. Watch the big screens for the latest sporting events, eat a meal, and drink while with friends.

9-Hole Mini Golf Course: Topgolf Meridian also has a nine hole mini golf for those who want to try out another style of golfing. This is an interesting activity that can be undertaken by family, groups or individuals.

Virtual Tour: Before your visit, you can take a virtual tour of the venue to get a feel for what’s in store. Explore the hitting bays, check out the restaurant and bar, and see the entire layout from the comfort of your own home.

Health & Safety: Safety is number one priority for TopGolf. The venue promises to facilitate a healthy, hygienic, and enjoyable environment for both guest/associates’ welfare. To ensure everybody’s comfort and peace of mind, stringent health and safety measures have been put into place.

Topgolf Meridian at 1050 S Silverstone Way in Meridian, ID 83642, is a place for people, groups, and families who want to be entertained. Using its state of the art equipment, comfortable hitting bays, sumptuous food and beverage, and wide range of other amusements, it is the location to opt for golf lovers and people seeking for a unique experience with fun. Make everlasting moments by taking part in the excitement of Topgolf yourself, where life happens! Topgolf Meridian is the best option for those who wish to improve their golf skills, go out clubbing with friends, or just enjoy some tasty food and beverages. Next article >>