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Signs your tire needs replacement – tire shop near me in meridian, id

Signs your tire needs replacement - tire shop near me in meridian, id

Who has time to check their tires for wear with our hectic schedules and demanding jobs? Of course, if you have a mechanic regularly service your car, they will probably inform signs of needing new ones. If you have been meaning to get your tires changed but have not had the chance, now is as good a time as ever!

John’s Auto Care in Meridian, ID, lists three easy signs below your tire that may need replacement.

Worn Down to the Tread Bar
Have you ever been driving along and suddenly felt your car lose traction? It may have been due to worn down tires to the tread bar that need replacement. The tread bar is a raised rib that runs across the bottom of the tire’s tread. When the tire’s tread wears down to this point, it means that the tire can no longer grip the road effectively, which can be dangerous.

If you’re not sure whether or not your tires need replacement, you can always take them to your local store or tires shop and have them checked. Keep in mind that tires are a significant investment, so be sure to shop around for tire pricing before purchasing.