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Signs of a bad muffler

Signs of a bad muffler

Mufflers serve an important purpose when it comes to your vehicle’s emissions system. The primary job of the muffler is to reduce exhaust system noise that is directed from the exhaust ports to the exhaust pipes and also to help direct exhaust gases out of the engine. 

The typical muffler lasts anywhere between five to seven years, but rust and other factors can cause muffler issues to happen. If there is a problem with your vehicle’s muffler, you will start to notice some telling symptoms. 

How do I know if my car’s muffler is bad?

  • Engine is misfiring
  • Exhaust is very loud
  • You notice condensation coming from exhaust pipes
  • You hear a rattling noise coming from the exhaust

Any of these signs can indicate that your muffler is bad and you may need a repair.

If you suspect that your vehicle needs a muffler repair, don’t hesitate to give us call here at John’s Auto Care today and we will help determine the right service for your vehicle.