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Nestled in the heart of Meridian, Idaho, at 3245 N Meridian Rd, Settlers Park stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to creating a space that fosters recreation, relaxation, and a sense of togetherness. This expansive park is a favorite site for both residents and tourists featuring an assortment of recreational activities for all ages. Settlers Park with beautiful scenery, recreation area, and family friendly attraction attracts community members at one place.

A picnic shelter is another notable feature of the park where visitors can go for their picnics at small fees or rent them for special events like weddings, meetings, birthday parties etc. The shelters are suitable places for days out, parties and celebrations and community gatherings can be held there. The park has three picnic shelters, which cater for a range of groups, depending on their size and spending ability.

Shelter #1: This shelter has a huge capacity that can accommodate up to 200 persons making it suitable for a large gathering. The property is rental at $75 for each 4 hour period that falls between 9 am and 2 am or 4 pm and 9 pm respectively. This spacious shelter is conveniently equipped with a free-to-use charcoal grill for shelter users, ensuring that your picnic or event can include some delicious outdoor cooking.

Shelter #2: This shelter may not be as big, but it can fit in slightly less than one hundred persons. The rental fee for this shelter is $60.00 each time block of 4 hours and same time schedules as Shelter #1. Just like its sister, shelter #2 also comes with a free charcoal grill.

Shelter #3: This shelter is cheaper for a group not exceeding fifty persons at a fee of $50 per every 4 hours booking in similar time blocks to those of other shelters. It might not have charcoal but it’s ideal for small intimate parties.

Different types of recreation and leisure are in Settlers Park with many facilities for you to enjoy. These include bike racks, drinking fountains, Mutt Mitt stations for pet owners, convenient off-street parking, open play areas, pathways for walking and cycling, beautiful ponds for fishing in the general sections of the park. The trash receptacles are well-positioned in the park while keeping it tidy and spotless. A great post.

Adventure Island Playground Area

The Adventure Island Playground Area is a hub of excitement for families and children. It features a range of attractions, including a concession stand for quick refreshments, Idaho’s first universally accessible playground, and the intriguing “Little City of Rocks.” The area also boasts several monuments and rock formations, a picnic shelter, restrooms, a splash pad that runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, a sound garden, swings, the “Tree of Hope,” shade structures, and ample tables and benches. With all these amenities, Adventure Island Playground Area is an excellent destination for families to have a memorable day outdoors.

Settlers Village Square Area

Right next to the Adventure Island Playground is located Settlers Village Square Area which offers you two more picnic shelters. Also included in this region are two tennis courts and a remarkable 16 tournament style horseshoes’ courts. These courts make Settlers Park the best place where you can hold horseshoe competitions and add some funny bits in your gatherings.

Baseball Leighton Family /Softball Complex Area

The eight-field Baseball Leighton Family/Softball Complex Area should offer a lot of fun for sports enthusiasts. The park also has a clubhouse, concession stand, rest rooms and enough off street parking making any of your games really fun and convenient. There are also several trash receptacles strategically positioned with an aim of ensuring cleanliness around the area.

Winter Disc Golf Course

Settlers Park has a winter course for disc golf lovers. During that period from 15th of November till 28th of February, only that nine-hole disc golf course operated. It is one of the best ways to keep fit even as the scenery becomes cooler.

Splash Pad

Splash Pad is one of the attractions in Settlers Park and it opens approximately for the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Splash Pad has the cooling effect and allows for constant entertainment of the children amidst a hot summer. Operating hours are from 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m, but please do note that run date and time may vary for reasons related to weather and maintenance work. It still makes a great place for families that need water fun.

There are facilities at Settlers Park in Meridian, Idaho, which provide opportunities for everyone’s relaxation and recreation. If you are organizing for a family picnic, community event, day of sport or just to enjoy being outdoors for the pleasure this park is there for you. Settlers Park is a clear demonstration of how seriously Meridian takes community work. More >>