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Get your car ready for summer!

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The pool is opening, sunscreen is coming out, and you just might be ready to plan for an epic road trip to the beach. But wait! What about your car? Before you hit the road, look over these five tips for how you can prepare your car for warmer weather this summer.

1. Check Your Tires

Rising temperatures can cause tire expansion and lead to additional wear and tear on the road. To prevent this, check your tire pressure, and consider having your tires inspected to ensure they don’t need to be replaced before summer kicks off.

2. Charge Your Battery

Your battery will be working overtime in the summer heat to keep you cool, so be sure to have it freshly charged.

In addition, dirt and grime buildup can lead to your battery short-circuiting. Ask your auto repair shop about having your battery cleaned before embarking on any long car journeys this summer.

3. Coolant

Your engine needs coolant to prevent overheating in the summer and, unfortunately, pets can be drawn to the sweet smell of coolant and become seriously ill if they ingest it.

As such, it’s important to have your car inspected as soon as possible if you notice coolant leaking out and to dispose of any liquid on the ground.

You should also have your oil levels and brake fluid checked regularly. Heat can cause liquids to dry up, which could cause your car to malfunction.

4. Don’t Forget the Air Conditioning!

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re between stops is if your air conditioning is working properly. Try bringing a thermometer with you on your next test run to confirm that your car is being adequately cooled down.

5. External Lights

Safety first! Test your external lights to prevent an accident due to other drivers not knowing when you’re stopping or turning.

Prepping your car for the summer doesn’t have to be a hassle if you keep these tips in mind! And if you would like a helping hand, feel free to bring your vehicle into John’s Auto Care for an evaluation today!