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Daylight savings ending means more night driving

Macro view of modern blue car xenon lamp headlight

Now that it’s November, you may notice that the sun is setting a lot sooner, coupled with daylight savings coming to an endWith it being darker out, you’re more likely to drive in the dark on the way home from the office. Driving in the dark is considerably three times more dangerous than driving in daylight. It is evident that visibility is the key reason why the statistic is so astounding. It’s naturally harder for humans to see]at night. To overcome this challenge, here are five key tips to follow to ensure your visibility is top-notch when you are behind the wheel!

  1. Clear Your Windshield – Dirty, streaky, or damaged windshields can cause other vehicle lights and road lights to scatter in an unflattering way. To ensure you’re driving safely, we highly urge you to clean both the inside and outside of your windshields regularly throughout the season. 
  2. Replace Your Wiper Blades and Refill Your Fluid – Aside from having a clean windshield, please make sure your windscreen wipers are in good condition to clear off your windshield in rain or snow. You’ll also need to top off your wiper fluid just in case you want to get rid of anything on your glass surface.
  3. Remember to Use Your High Beams – Some people may get too nervous to use their high beams, but they’re there for you to use when your vision is seriously impaired! Just remember proper road etiquette and turn them off whenever you see oncoming traffic.
  4. Have Your Eyes Checked – If you have trouble seeing the road at night, you may be the problem. When’s the last time you had your eyes checked? Eyesight can worsen with age, so make sure you’re going in for those annual eye exams. A pair of contacts or glasses can significantly lead to a safer drive.
  5. Test Your Lights – This time of year is ideal to test all your vehicle lights (low beams, high beams, daytime lights, turn signals, and brake lights). Too dim lights can be a significant impediment, so please ensure they’re all properly working and brightly lit.

We hope some of these tips help you see the road better at night. For the five-star quality automotive maintenance and repairs, please call or visit John’s Auto Care today!