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Hard Turns and Handling of Pontiac Steering: Solution Power Steering Flush Service

The American automaker Pontiac was well-known for its classy and powerful automobiles. The Pontiac brand stopped production in 2010, but the legacy of its automobiles lives on. Taking care of your Pontiac is as important as your grandmother’s priced jewelry. Regular power steering flush service helps preserve the last of the Pontiacs.  Contamination Hardens Your Steering Power […]

Poor Clutch Performance: A Reason That Can Lead You to Transmission Maintenance

In manual transmission vehicles, the clutch plays a vital role in transferring power from the engine to the transmission. However, with time and usage, friction can cause the clutch to wear out. Recognizing the signs of a worn clutch is essential to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Keep an eye out for these common […]

Dragging Clutch? Don’t Get Stuck In Neutral With Auto Transmission Service

Nothing’s more frustrating than busting a gut to rev up your engine higher and higher, but your speed doesn’t seem to be accelerating. It’s as if your car’s stuck in neutral, and you can’t get it into gear. The culprit? A dragging clutch.  Dragging clutches are just one of the many dilemmas car owners experience, […]

Don’t Dodge the Best Dodge Repair Near You: Unlock Your Vehicle’s Full Potential Today!

Expert Dodge Repair Services

Owning a Dodge vehicle is a rewarding experience, thanks to its powerful performance, reliability, and innovative features. However, like any other vehicle, it will require regular maintenance and temporary repairs to keep it running at its best. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of expert Dodge repair services, what to expect from top-notch Dodge […]

5 signs you need a wheel alignment

Driving over uneven pavement or potholes can cause your vehicle’s wheels to become misaligned. Assuring proper wheel alignment is one of the essential components of vehicle and tire maintenance. A car that’s misaligned will unevenly wear your tires at an alarming rate. Additionally, wheel alignment does not just affect wheels or tires; it also involves […]